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Spring Boot JAX-RS with Jersey Example

In this post, we feature a comprehensive article on Spring Boot JAX-RS with Jersey. We will show how to create a JAX-RS web service with Spring Boot and Jersey. 1. Introduction REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architectural pattern for developing web services. REST is a popular choice for web services development projects since it is lightweight, stateless, and therefore easily ...

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JUnit Example For Rest Web Services

In this example, we shall show users how they can test a REST service with the help of the JUnit. We will use the Jersey and REST assured for this example. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Technologies Used 3. What is Jersey? 4. What is REST assured? 5. Project SetUp 6. JUnit Example for REST Web Services 6.1 Java ...

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Java JSON RESTful Web Service Example

In this example we shall learn implementing Restful Web Service in Java where the data interchange format shall be JSON. 1. Introduction to RESTful Web Services RESTful Web Services follow REST architecture which stands for REpresentational State Transfer. RESTful web services are light weight and highly scalable is one of the most common way to create APIs on web. In ...

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JAX-RS Client Example

1. Introduction In this article we are going to present an example code of writing a JAX-RS Client. As the reader would be aware JAX-RS API is a standard to simplify the writing of RESTful Web Services and their clients in Java. This will be a Jersey Client and we will assume that we have a Server already set-up that ...

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