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Java Servlet Set/Get Example

One of the main challenges for every beginner in the development world is to understand and assimilate how things works internally in a technology in order to create their own code. More than that, make this code working, flexible, standardized and functional for a project that, most of the times, is already running. Servlets are known for their complexities regarding ...

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Java Servlet Url Parameters Example

Servlets are modules of the Java code that run in a server application to answer the client requests. They are not tied to a specific client-server protocol but are most commonly used with HTTP. The word “Servlet” is often used in the meaning of “HTTP Servlet” . In this tutorial, we will explain how to handle parameters of the Servlet ...

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Hibernate Get Example

Hibernate Session provide different methods to fetch data (or a single record) from the database. Two of them are – get() and load(). The functionality is similar but there is a difference between the ways they work. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate the use of get() method in Hibernate using annotation based configuration.             ...

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