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Diogo Souza works as Java Developer at PagSeguro/UOL and has worked for companies such as Fulcrum Worldwide, Indra Company, Atlantic Institute and Ebix LA. He is also an Android trainer, blogger, speaker at events on Java and mobile world and a DevMedia consultant. Today, most of his time is used to study about new techonologies as well as write about them, specially the ones based on back-end, big data, performance and scalability of large systems.

Java Servlet Set/Get Example

One of the main challenges for every beginner in the development world is to understand and assimilate how things works internally in a technology in order to create their own code. More than that, make this code working, flexible, standardized and functional for a project that, most of the times, is already running. Servlets are known for their complexities regarding ...

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Java Servlet Hello World Example

Servlets are essentially the first and main technology in Java world capable of dynamic page generation, now in its version 4.0 (released on September 2017). The term suggests a new way to receive HTTP requests, process them and return the proper response to the clients, all of that through the extension of a server or a web container capabilities, such ...

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