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Java Runtime Environment Tutorial

In this article, we’re going to discuss Java Runtime Environment, the bundle used to run Java applications and libraries. 1. What is a runtime environment? The runtime environment is the environment in which a program or application is executed. As soon as a software program is executed, it is in a runtime state. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is the software ...

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Java 9 Default Garbage Collector Tutorial

1. Introduction This tutorial will introduce us to the new default garbage collector implementation for Java 9, the G1 garbage collector. The G1 garbage collector presents a brand new approach to heap layout and semantic behavior. Optimized for large heaps and tailored to address ever increasing demands of low latency and overall throughput, it provides an excellent opportunity to meet ...

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Java destructor – Why is it missing?

In this article we will explain what a destructor is, why Java is missing one and what alternatives are provided by the language itself. Java is often compared to C++ in terms of being a high level*, object-oriented language. One of their major differences though, is that Java lacks a destructor element, and instead uses a garbage collector for resource ...

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