How to check your Eclipse version

In this article we will see how to check the version of Eclipse you are using. We will use Eclipse Luna for this example.

1. Introduction

Eclipse is a Java-based open source platform that allows a software developer to create a customized development environment (IDE) from plug-in components built by Eclipse members. Eclipse is managed and directed by the Consortium. It is one of the most used IDE for Java development. It can be used for other languages as well.

2. Check version

In this section we will see how we can check the version of Eclipse we are using. There are four ways to do that. We will discuss all these in this section.

2.1 About Eclipse

The first method is to use the About Eclipse link which could be found in the Help menu. Open Eclipse. Go to Help=>About Eclipse. Eclipse will display a pop-up as below where you will be able to check the version of Eclipse you are using.

Figure 1. Eclipse Version
Figure 1. Eclipse Version

In our case it’s 4.4.2

2.2 .eclipseproduct

There is another way of finding the version as well. Go to the directory where you have downloaded the Eclipse. Open the file ‘.eclipseproduct’. Here you will find details as below:

name=Eclipse Platform

2.3 config.ini

The third way to check the version of the Eclipse you are using is to look for config.ini file in the configuration folder. The configuration folder can be found in the directory where you have downloaded the Eclipse. The config.ini file looks something like below

#This configuration file was written by: org.eclipse.equinox.internal.frameworkadmin.equinox.EquinoxFwConfigFileParser
#Sun Oct 09 22:11:27 BST 2016

Look for eclipse.buildId. In my case its defined as eclipse.buildId=4.4.2.M20150204-1700

2.4 Readme

The fourth way to check the version of the Eclipse is to check the readme_eclipse.html file. This file is normally in the readme folder. Open this file and on the top you will see the version of the Eclipse you are running.

Figure 2. Readme
Figure 2. Readme

3. Conclusion

In this article we saw how to check the version of eclipse we are using. We discussed all the four ways we can use to do it. If you have previous versions of Eclipse you might find that some of the methods defined above are not valid, but in most cases you should be able to check the version using the About Eclipse link.

Mohammad Meraj Zia

Senior Java Developer
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