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Git Merge Conflict Example

We are not living in a perfect world. There are conflicts everywhere even in our code. In this example, we shall learn how to deal with these conflicts in our code. Merge is the process to integrate changes from another branch to our current working branch. This task require communication with our teammates. In most cases, Git know what to ...

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Git Commit Amend Example

In the previous post Git “Hello World” Example we learnt some basic steps about Git. In this example, we shall show how to edit commit messages. 1. Context As a developers, we perform commits all the time while we are in the development process, adding new features, tests, documentation and so on. But, there are some cases when we forgot to add ...

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Git “Hello World” Example

In this example we shall show you how to start with Git. Git is a Version Control System (VCS) like CVS or Subversion but with one big difference it is not central repository, it is distributed. First, we shall install git. You can download the installer to any O.S. from git-scm site here. Also, we will need an GitHub account in order ...

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