Spring MVC Hibernate Tutorial

1. Introduction To develop web applications these days, we use Modern View Controller architecture. Spring provides MVC framework with ready components that can be used to develop flexible and loosely coupled web applications. MVC framework provides separation between input logic, business logic and UI logic. Model encapsulates the application data View is responsible for rendering the model data Controller is ...

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Angularjs and Spring Integration Tutorial

HTML5, rich browser-based features, and the single page application are extremely valuable tools for modern development. Every application requires a server side (backend) framework besides the client side (frontend) framework. The server side can serve content, render dynamic HTML, authenticate users, secure access to protect resources or interact with Javascript in the browser through HTTP and JSON. Spring has been always one of the ...

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Spring MVC Application with Spring Security Example

In one of our past examples, we learned to create a simple Spring MVC web-applciation. In this example we will demonstrate how we can implement Spring-Security to secure our web-application. We shall discuss and demonstrate both Authentication as well as the Authorization aspect of an application’s security. 1. Introduction to Spring Security Security of a web-application revolves around three major ...

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Spring MVC Interceptor Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss about SpringMVC Interceptor. First, we discuss about Spring MVC architecture and where an interceptor is invoked in this architecture, then we have a look at the implementation of interceptor in more details. 1. Overview of Spring MVC Architecture Spring’s web MVC framework is request-driven and designed based on a central Servlet that dispatches requests to controllers ...

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Spring MVC login example

In this example, we shall create a simple Login Application using Spring MVC framework. Spring Framework follows the MVC design by default so that the view,controller and Data modules are loosely coupled. In a typical Spring MVC Application, the role played are : View : JSP Controller : Classes annotated with @Controller Data : Repository Classes With this knowledge we ...

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Spring MVC Form Handling Example

With this tutorial we shall explain create and submit a form in Spring MVC. Spring MVC provides tags that are data binding-aware and allow us to handle form elements, compining JSP and Spring Web MVC. Each tag in Spring MVC provides support for the set of attributes of its corresponding HTML tag, thus making the tags familiar and intuitive to ...

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Spring MVC File Upload Example

With this tutorial we shall explain how to provide users the option to upload a file, inside a form in Spring MVC. When creating and submitting a form, it is very common need to upload a file during the form submission. This can be achieved very easily, with the use of Spring MVC API. This example contains a simple class, ...

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Spring MVC Form Errors Tag Example

In this example we will show you how to display error messages when submitting a form in Spring MVC. The tag provided by Spring MVC is errors tag. The errors tag renders field errors in an HTML span tag. It provides access to the errors that are created in the Controller or the Validators used. Here, we will create a ...

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Spring MVC Hidden Value Example

This is an example of how to make use of a hidden value in Spring MVC. Spring MVC provides tags that are very similar to HTML tags and can offer the same functionality. When creating a form, there is sometimes a need to keep a value in a view and use it in a next step, without making it visible ...

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Spring MVC Dropdown Box Example

With this example we shall show you how to create a dropdown box using Spring MVC. Spring MVC provides us with tags similar to HTML tags in functionality. In order to make use of a dropdown box, in Spring MVC, we are going to use the options tag. This tag renders a list of HTML option tags and sets the ...

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