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Apache Hadoop

Apache Hadoop Zookeeper Example

In this example, we will explore Apache Zookeeper, starting with the introduction and then followed by the steps to setup the Zookeeper and to get it up and running. 1. Introduction Apache Zookeeper is the building block of distributed systems. When a distributed system is designed there is always a need of developing and deploying something which can coordinate through ...

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Apache Hadoop Cluster Setup Example (with Virtual Machines)

Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 2. Requirements 3. Preparing Virtual Machine 3.1 Creating VM and Installing Guest OS 3.2 Installing Guest Additions 4. Creating Cluster of Virtual Machines 4.1 VM Network settings 4.2 Cloning the Virtual Machine 4.3 Testing the network IPs assigned to VMs 4.4 Converting to Static IPs for VMs 5. Hadoop prerequisite settings 5.1 Creating User 5.2 ...

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Apache Hadoop Distcp Example

In this example, we are going to show you how to copy large files in inter/intra-cluster setup of Hadoop using distributed copy tool. 1. Introduction DistCP is the shortform of Distributed Copy in context of Apache Hadoop. It is basically a tool which can be used in case we need to copy large amount of data/files in inter/intra-cluster setup. In ...

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Hadoop Hello World Example

1. Introduction In this post, we feature a comprehensive Hadoop Hello World Example. Hadoop is an Apache Software Foundation project. It is the open source version inspired by Google MapReduce and Google File System. It is designed for distributed processing of large data sets across a cluster of systems often running on commodity standard hardware. Hadoop is designed with an assumption ...

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