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Sowmya works as a Senior Web Applications Programmer in the higher educational sector, where she leads projects based on Java. She graduated from Anna University's Computer Sciences department, followed by a Masters degree in Computer and Information Sciences from the University of Delaware. Her project portfolio features diverse web applications using frameworks such as Struts2, Spring, Spring Boot, as well as her recent experiments in the world of Microservices and the React JS framework.

Java Web Services Tutorial

In this article, we will demonstrate examples of Java Web Services. We will provide a brief introduction to the topic, followed by a SOAP and a REST example in Java. You can also check this tutorial in the following video: Java Web Services Tutorial – video 1. Introduction From W3C’s definition we are able to infer that there a web ...

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Java Graph Example

In this example, we will demonstrate a Java Graph Example. We will start by explaining the theory and concepts behind graphs, its types, graph traversal, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using a graph. We will walk through Java code that implements a Graph and models its properties and behavior. Finally, we will talk about some external libraries ...

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Java Type Casting

This example will dive into the core concepts of Java Type casting. Java enables type casting of the primitive data types as well as objects. 1. Introduction One of the fundamental aspects of Object Oriented Programming is the ability to be able to juggle between different objects and data types. The Java compiler requires all variables in a program to ...

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Create Java BufferedImage from an Image

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a BufferedImage in Java from a source Image. This is a basic operation if you want to perform several enhancements and transformations to your buffered image in java and this is fundamental for image processing. 1. Introduction Buffered image in java class extends the Image class. There are 3 ...

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A complete KeyListener Java Example

In this article,we will talk about java key listener and we will demonstrate a complete KeyListener Java example. 1. Introduction Java key listener is an interface used in Java Swing to monitor keyboard-related events that take place in your applications. This is particularly useful when you want to perform input validation on form fields or add shortcut functionality to your ...

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Java Matcher find Demonstration

With this example, we are going to demonstrate how to use Java Matcher find() API method to find subsequences of an input sequence that matches a specified pattern. 1. Pattern Matcher in Java API In this section, we will outline the steps used to create an example. A Pattern object is created, using the compile(String regex) API method of Pattern, ...

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