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Nassos has graduated from Computer Engineering and Informatics Department in the University of Patras. He also holds a Master degree in Communication and Network Systems from University of Athens. He has a 10-year work experience as a Java and C++ developer in the Telecommunication and IT industry participating in various projects. He currently works as a senior software developer in the IT sector where he is mainly involved with projects for the EU requiring extensive java skills.

Top 10 IntelliJ Idea Plugins

IntelliJ IDEA has inspired many Java developers to write plug-ins, from J2EE to code editing tools to games. Now it has a robust plugin ecosystem with more than 1500 available plugins and new ones appearing nearly every week. In this article we are going to present the 10 most useful to our point of view plugins for any developer using ...

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IntelliJ Increase Memory Settings

In this article we are going to provide some guidelines on how to increase memory heap on IntelliJ IDEA and on how to configure the VM options. For our example we are using IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition version 14.1.2. 1. Configuring IntelliJ IDEA VM options The default VM options for IntelliJ IDEA may be not optimal when your project contains ...

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IntelliJ Idea Color Schemes / Themes Configuration

In this article we are going to present how to customize the IntelliJ IDEA built-in color schemes or provide your own color theme for use in the IDE. Using a color scheme may prove to be quite useful for a developer especially in terms of code readability. For this purpose we will use the IntelliJ IDEA 14.1.2 community edition which ...

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IntelliJ Idea Profiler Example

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate a profiler example in IntelliJ Idea IDE. Specifically, we are going to make use of the JProfiler which can be invoked from within the IDE without any further need for session configuration. 1. Profiling Java applications Many performance problems in enterprise or web applications result from memory (garbage collector) or database access ...

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Java Nio SSL Example

This is an example of a non-blocking I/O provided by java.nio using SSL handshake.                     1. Definition of Secure Sockets Layer Protocol (SSL) SSL is the secure communication protocol of choice for a large part of the Internet community. There are many applications of SSL in existence, since it is capable ...

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Java Nio Socket Example

This article introduces the SocketChannel class and its basic usage. This class is defined in the java.nio package.                       1. Standard Java sockets Socket programming involves two systems communicating with one another. In implementations prior to NIO, Java TCP client socket code is handled by the java.net.Socket class. A socket ...

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