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Koushik Sanyal is a resident of a small town Uttarpara, in the suburbs of Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) which is one of the biggest cities in India and capital of the state of ‘West Bengal’. He completed Diploma in Information Technology from DoEACC Society (Currently NIELIT), a government of India run autonomous society dedicated for pertaining training in Information Technology. He has spent more than 11 years in IT professional domain as Trainer, Software Developer and Senior Software Developer. Currently he's working as a ‘Senior Software Developer’ in java domain at ‘Greenfield Software Pvt. Ltd in Kolkata, India.

Eclipse IDE Yocto Plugin Tutorial

The Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that helps developers create custom Linux-based solutions for Embedded and IoT systems, regardless of the underlying hardware architecture. In order to develop solutions based on Yocto project, we need to use IDE like Eclipse and Yocto plugin is available for Eclipse which is required to be configured properly.       ...

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Java Swing Key Binding Example

Places where KeyListener is used in order to map key input to some action, it is more convenient and preferred from usimg Keymap or InputMap and ActionMap combination instead. Using Keymap or InputMap and ActionMap combination, it is easier to map the action to a specific key stroke and thus key binding is achieved. 1. Introduction Most of the manipulations performed on text ...

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Java Swing JTextField Example

Swing offers us components through which users can type in text input. JTextField is one such component which is used to allow applications to accept single line input. Even user can go for standard operations like copy, paste, cut, delete. 1. Introduction Swing offers several components to ease user experience while typing in text or edit text. Different such are ...

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Java Swing GridLayout Example

In Swing, in order to arrange components in a form, dialog box etc. in user friendly manner layout manager is found to be very useful. There are several layout managers. GridLayout is such layout manager. 1. Introduction GridLayout actually forms a grid like arrangement of cells. This is just like one excel spreadsheet where each cell is of same size. If ...

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Java Swing Drag and Drop Example

This example will help us to know about how to enable drag feature for different components and how to customize drag and drop feature for custom flavors. 1. Introduction In case we wish to transfer data from one UI component (Where applicable) to another, one way to carry it out is cut+ paste or copy+ paste. In this case data ...

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