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Ibrahim is a Senior Software Engineer residing in Ankara,Turkey. He holds BSc and MS degrees in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University(METU). Throughout his professional carrier, he has worked in Enterprise Web Application projects for public sector and telecommunications domains. Java EE, Web Services and Enterprise Application Integration are the areas he is primarily involved with.

Jetty WebSocket Example

1.Introduction This article is about WebSockets with Jetty. In this example we will give brief information on WebSockets and show how to implement WebSocket Servers and Clients using Jetty WebSocket APIs. In addition to these, an example HTML+JavaScript client interacting with the Server through WebSockets will be provided. 2.WebSockets WebSocket is a standard protocol facilitating full-duplex communication over a single ...

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Jetty Tutorial for Beginners

In this article, we will give brief information about Jetty and provide examples of   Java application deployment on Jetty. Our examples will consist of both standalone and Embedded modes of Jetty. Jetty is a Servlet container and  Web Server which is known to be  portable, lightweight, robust, flexible, extensible and easy to integrate. Jetty can be deployed as a standalone server ...

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