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David graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Science. He has been actively working with Java since the days of J2SE 1.2 in 1998. His work has largely involved integrating Java and SQL. He has worked on a wide range of projects including e-commerce, CRM, Molecular Diagnostic, and Video applications. As a freelance developer he is actively studying Big Data, Cloud and Web Development.

Apache Ant Tutorial for Beginners

This tutorial explains why Java Apache Ant was created and its advantages over other build tools. It also covers the installation of Ant and what goes into a java ant project. 1. Apache Ant Tutorial – Introduction In this tutorial, a sample project is set up. The Ant build file, for the sample project, is explored along with a discussion ...

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Java XPath Performance DOM vs SAX Example

1. Introduction This article compares the performance of the Java DOM parser distributed with Java and a SAX parser distributed with the Home Edition of Saxon for evaluating various XPath expressions. Typically DOM parsers can evaluate XPath expressions faster than SAX parsers since DOM parsers construct and retain the DOM document in memory when parsing XML data. SAX parsers, on ...

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Java XPath Using SAX Example

1. Introduction XPath is used to retrieve and interpret information represented in XML files using either a DOM or SAX parser. * DOM – Document Object Model – This popular class of parsers read the entire XML file and construct the DOM in memory. Since the DOM is memory resident, evaluation of the XPath expressions is faster. * SAX – ...

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Java XPath Performance Tips

1. Introduction This is the third article in a series dealing with using XPath within a Java application. This article focuses attention on tips for improving XPath performance. The first two articles were: A Java XPath Best Practices Tutorial https://examples.javacodegeeks.com/core-java/xpath-best-practices-tutorial/ Which showed how to setup and evaluate XPath expressions using Java. Java XPath Examples https://examples.javacodegeeks.com/core-java/xml/xpath/java-xpath-examples/ Which explored XPath syntax and ...

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Java XPath Examples

1. Introduction The previous article, Java XPath Best Practices Tutorial (https://examples.javacodegeeks.com/core-java/xpath-best-practices-tutorial/), explored how to set up a Java application to create a DOM (Document Object Model) document using a DOM parser to read an XML file; and an XPath object to evaluate XPath expressions as applied to the DOM. This article dives into how to construct XPath expressions. Starting with ...

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XPath Best Practices Tutorial

XPath is used to retrieve and interpret information represented in XML files. This tutorial assumes that the reader has a working knowledge of XPath, does not attempt to teach XPath. This tutorial instead shows you, the reader, how to create a simple Java SE application that uses XPath expressions to get information about a computer inventory stored in an XML ...

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