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Andy Beck
Andy is a Senior Software Engineer that has sixteen years of experience working on web, desktop and mobile applications. He holds a Bachelor and Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Virginia and George Washington University respectively. He specializes in working with Java web services and has significant experience working web applications, databases and continuous integration and deployments. He is currently working as a technical lead at a financial technology organization where he supports mobile application services in Java.

Reactive Java (RxJava) Tutorial: Introduction

Reactive Java or RxJava is an implementation and enhancement of the observer pattern. It was intended for use in event driven schemes where nesting synchronous or asynchronous callback methods becomes overly complex. The key addition that RxJava provides in addition to the observer pattern is the ability to determine when event processing is complete or an error has occurred. The ...

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Java Quartz Interview Questions

Quartz is an open source framework that specializes in scheduling, triggering, and managing job execution within a Java application. Below are some frequently asked interview questions on the topic of Java Quartz applications. 1. Introduction The sample interview questions that follow cover some quartz topics that include scheduling, triggering, execution, threading, exceptions and persistence. 1.1 What are the three key ...

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Java Quartz File Watcher Example

In this example we are going to demonstrate how to make use of a Quartz File Watcher. Quartz is an open source framework that specializes in scheduling and executing jobs within a Java application. This example monitors a file over a regularly scheduled interval and will respond to any change to the file by executing a listener. We used Eclipse Oxygen, Java 8, ...

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