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Alejandro Gervasio is a senior System Analyst from Argentina, who has been involved in software development since the mid-80's. He has more than 14 years of experience in Java, 12 years of experience in PHP, Object-Oriented Design, Domain-Driven Design, Spring, Hibernate, and many popular client-side technologies, including CSS, Bootstrap 4, Angular and React.JS. He's also a conference speaker, with an extensive background in OOP, data structures, computational algorithms and database persistence. Alejandro has actively contributed (and contributes) as a technical writer for several renowned technical blogs, including SitePoint, Baeldung and Java Code Geeks. He's currently focused on the development of enterprise-level desktop and Java web applications, Angular and React.JS clients, REST services and reactive programming for several companies worldwide.

Spring Boot @CrossOrigin Annotation Example

Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a standard protocol that defines the interaction between a browser and a server for safely handling cross-origin HTTP requests. Simply put, a cross-origin HTTP request is a request to a specific resource, which is located at a different origin, namely a domain, protocol and port, than the one of the client performing the request. For ...

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