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Akin Kaldiroglu is a Java consultant and trainer living in İstanbul, Turkey. He has been involved in many enterprise projects with different roles since mid 90s. At the beginning he started coding with C and C++ and then switched to Java when it arrived. He loves developing software and writing code in Java. He is a fan of clean and object-oriented code.

Groovy Closure Example

In this example I’ll explain closures in Groovy. According to Sabesta’s nice book Concepts of Programming Languages, defining a closure is a simple matter: “a closure is a subprogram and the referencing environment where it was defined.” But explaining it is not that simple. Sabesta explains the closure as a subprogram that can be assigned to a variable or passed to ...

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Groovy Regex Example

In this example I will show you how to use regular expressions in Groovy. 1. Groovy and Regular Expressions Groovy is one of the most commonly used JVM languages and regular expressions (or simply regex) as a powerful technique to search and manipulate texts have been around us for more than a half century. As most of the languages Java ...

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