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Adam Aijaz
Adam got initial professional qualification from RMIT University Melbourne Australia, where he got Master in IT and Business, he got further Professional Certification in IT (CP) from Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Diploma in IT and Finance from Australis College, Brisbane. He got more than 15 years of IT experience in Software development on different technologies, he works mostly on Java, spring, JavaScript, Front end like Angular, JSF, Vaadin etc. His interest in Integration of software’s, SOA and process re-engineering. He runs his own IT consultancy and provided all sort of IT solutions to SME (Small to Medium Enterprises).

MongoDb Aggregate Count Example

Today we will learn about MongoDb’s aggregate function ‘Count,’ but first let’s look at a brief overview of aggregate functions. In SQL or other relational databases, aggregation in the process that records and returns computed results like SUM MIN, MAX, AVG, and COUNT. MongoDb uses a similar concept but in a different fashion – it uses the concept of data ...

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Lombok Utility and Scrapbook an eclipse feature

Today we are going to see couple of utility features which could ease coding and help you save some time. They have handy features and I would recommend to have a look and try it. Let’s start a utility called Lombok which is an open source and helps to make code clean and reduce the boiler plate code. It’s very easy ...

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