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JAX-WS Client Basic Authentication Example

1. Introduction In this example, we will demonstrate how to add basic authentication to a JAX-WS web service and client. But before we begin, let’s get some background. Table Of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1 SOA 1.2 Web Services 1.3 JAX-WS 1.4 Apache CXF 1.5 WS-Security 1.6 UsernameToken Profile 1.7 Tools Used in this Example 2. JAX-WS Basic Authentication Example 2.1 ...

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JAX-RS Annotations Explained

In this example we shall learn some important JAX-RS annotations. To understand this tutorial, following is the prerequisite knowledge required: Basic knowledge of how to use annotations Basic REST Architecture Table Of Contents 1. JAX-RS Annotations 1.1. @Path 1.2. @PathParam 1.3. @GET 1.4. @POST 1.5. @PUT 1.6. @DELETE 1.7. @Consumes 1.8. @Produces 1.9. @QueryParam 2. Download the source code 1. ...

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JAX-WS Web Service Example

In this example we shall learn implementing JAX-WS Web Service. JAX-WS are the API’s provided by Java for implementing Web Service. Here, we shall start by learning what web services are, their architecture, followed by implementation of server and client. We shall also learn the different variants of XML Web Service and the WSDL file which is the contract that ...

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Expose EJB as a Web Service

With this example we are going to demonstrate how to expose an EJB as a web service. Enterprise beans are Java EE components that implement Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology. Enterprise beans run in the EJB container, a runtime environment within the Application Server (see Container Types). Although transparent to the application developer, the EJB container provides system-level services such as ...

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