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Git Abort Merge Example

In this post, we present a Git Abort Merge Example. 1. Introduction Merging branches is an important operation when working with Version Control Systems (VCSs). One feature that makes Git standout among other VCSs is its branching mechanism. The mechanism used by Git to create and manage branches is both lightweight and efficient in comparison to other VCSs. Because branching ...

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Git Orphan Branch Example

In this post, we present a Git Orphan Branch Example. 1. Introduction In general, when you create a new branch off branch “master” you inherit its commit history. The exception is an orphan (or disconnected) branch. An orphan branch does not have a parent-child relationship to the master branches’ commits. Most commits have one parent commit, one obvious exception being ...

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Git diff between Branches Example

In this post, we feature a comprehensive Example on Git diff between Branches. 1. Introduction Version control system (VCS) software is designed to track and manage changes in a file repository. Branching is a common operation performed with any VCS. It allows a developer (or team of developers) to work on code or documents in a repository without affecting the ...

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Git Mergetool Example

Merge Conflicts are undesirable for most of the developers for various reasons. No matter how careful and collaborative developers are, they often end up in merge conflicts. There are multiple ways to resolve merge conflicts, and each developer prefers a different way. Compared to other version control systems like SVN, CVS etc, resolving conflicts with Git is much easier. Though ...

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Git Delete Local Branch Example

In this example, we shall learn how to delete Git local branch. To delete a branch, it must be fully merged in its upstream branch, or in HEAD if no upstream was set. 1. A brief on Git branch A branch represents an independent line of development. These serve as an abstraction for the edit, stage, or commit process. The ...

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