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Spring MVC Exception Handling Example

This is an example of how to handle exceptions in Spring MVC. In Spring MVC Framework exceptions may occur when a controller is invoked. These exceptions may be handled either with the help of SimpleMappingExceptionResolver class, or with the @ExceptionHandler annotation. SimpleMappingExceptionResolver is a HandlerExceptionResolver implementation for mapping exception class names to view names, either for a set of given ...

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Java throw Exception Example

In this post, we feature a comprehensive Java throw Exception Example.  1. What is an Exception in Java? Exception is mechanism which Java uses to handle any unforeseen use-case/scenario. Basically an exception is thrown when either something unexpected happened during code execution which is not covered in any code block(converting some null value to lowercase()) or some IO operation communicating ...

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Create custom Exception example

This is an example of how to create and use a custom exception that will be thrown in a specified condition. In order to create a custom exception and use it in a method invocation we have followed the steps below: We have created an InvalidPassException class that extends the Exception and uses the Exception’s constructors in its constructors.  We have ...

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Checked and Unchecked Exceptions example

In this example we shall show you how to use a checked and an unchecked exception. A checked exception is anything that is a subclass of Exception, except for RuntimeException and its subclasses. In order to use a checked and an unchecked exception we have followed the steps below: We have created a method, void checkSize(String fileName) that creates a ...

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