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Spring MVC @ControllerAdvice Annotation Example

Unexpected exceptions or errors can be thrown anytime during the execution of a program. In the previous post, we have already seen how the @ExceptionHandler annotation can only be applied to a single controller but what if developers want to handle the exception globally i.e. across multiple controllers. Thus, in this tutorial, we will show how to do the exception ...

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Java Servlet Exception Handling Example

When a servlet generates an error developers can handle those exceptions in various ways, let’s say a user tries a URL that does not map to a servlet the user typically gets a 404 page. With the error listing in the deployment descriptor, we can handle those exceptions. In this tutorial, we will see how to tackle these exception handling ...

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Hibernate Exception Handling Example

This tutorial deals with some of the errors that developers get, while working with Hibernate. Along with the exception or error messages themselves, potential causes of these errors are often listed along with links to additional resources. In this tutorial, we will discuss the Hibernate exceptions.               1. Introduction 1.1 Hibernate Object-Relational Mapping or ...

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java.sql.BatchUpdateException – How to resolve Batch Update Exception

In this example I will discuss about BatchUpdateException and how to resolve it. This exception is thrown when an error occurs during a batch update operation. It provides (among others) the update counts for all commands that were executed successfully during the batch update. The BatchUpdateException class is a subclass of SQLException, which represents an exception that provides information on ...

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java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException Example

In this example we will discuss about java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException. This exception is thrown when a regex (a regular exception) pattern is not correct, i.e. has syntax errors. The PatternSyntaxException extends IllegalArgumentException, which means that an argument passed to a method is illegal or inappropriate. Just like IllegalArgumentException, PatternSyntaxException is a runtime exception (indirect subclass of RuntimeException). This means that the try-catch ...

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Exceptions Hierarchy and Custom Exceptions in Java

Exceptions are a vital part of every modern programming language, as it is a way to handle error cases and unexpected behavior, without necessarily terminating the whole application. Except for that, by handling the exceptions in the correct way, we can get meaningful feedback regarding what went wrong, why and where. As you can understand, it is very important for every ...

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