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Log4j Email Configuration Example

It is always better to get notified about any major exceptions that occur in an application instead of manually going through huge logs to find the probable exception messages. In this tutorial, I will show you how to implement an out of box Log4j appender (called as SMTPAppender) to send email alerts. 1. Introduction Printing messages to the console is ...

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Sending Email With Spring MVC Example

Spring provides the first-class support for sending emails. It comes with the utility libraries which abstracts away the complexities of the underlying mailing system and provides a simple API to use in the application for sending emails. In this tutorial, we will show how to write a simple Web application for sending an email based on the Spring MVC framework ...

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Android: How to send Email

In Android you can use the built in Email client Application in order to send Emails from inside your own Application. You can do that by calling the built in Application using an Intent. You can create a new Intent with the Intent.ACTION_SEND argument to specify that you want to send an email with the new Activity that will be launced. ...

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