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Textarea Example with JSF 2.0

In this example of JSF Tag Library series, we are going to show an effective way to implement a textarea field. Suppose that we want to insert a textarea of 20 columns and 10 rows. In HTML, this means <textarea cols="20" rows="10"></textarea>. According to JSF, we can use the following tag, to implement it: <h:inputTextarea cols="20" rows="10" />. So, let’ ...

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Password Example with JSF 2.0

If you didn’t notice from the previous example, we started a mini example series for the JSF Tag Library, so in the next couple examples, we are going to deal with several simple, but quite useful JSF tags. Today, we ‘ll deal with a password field. While on JSF, we can use the following tag, in order to render an ...

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TextBox Example with JSF 2.0

In this example, we are going to demonstrate a simple application, which purpose is to transfer data inserted to a page’s textbox (in our case, a sample username), to another page. While on JSF, we can use the following tag, in order to render an HTML input of a textbox: <h:inputText/>. To get the meaning, imagine that the fore-mentioned xhtml’s ...

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Ajax Example with JSF 2.0

Hi there, you do remember right from my last example, today we ‘re gonna talk about integrating JSF together with Ajax. Ajax stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML and is also a helpful technique for creating web pages with dynamic content (i.e. when you want to update a single component in your web page, instead of updating the whole page). This ...

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Hello World Example with JSF 2.0

As I promised in my previous article, in this example, we are going to develop a simple Hello World application, with Javaserver Faces (JSF) 2.0. It may seem a bit of handy, but following along will make you understand how to easily configure every related project. So, let’s start!                   Project Environment ...

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JSF 2.0 Eclipse IDE support

As the title clarifies, in my very first tutorial, we are going to take a glance at setting our Eclipse IDE, in order to support JSF 2.0. Older Eclipse EE versions, such as Ganymede (v3.4) and Galileo (v3.5), support only JSF 1.2. In order to work with JSF 2.0, you just have to own an Eclipse EE version of Helios ...

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