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Android Video Capture Example

In a simple and modern Android application, it is becoming very common, that the camera is used not only to capture basic portraits and landscape views, but also to be used for other reasons, for instance to capture video, produce small video clips and rendering them under various alternations, either to post on social media or for personal use. The ...

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Android : How to check if device has camera

In this tutorial we are going to use  PackageManager and the hasSystemFeature method to find out whether our device has a Camera or not. Of course there are plenty of things you can find out about the device using the same tools. For this tutorial, we will use the following tools in a Windows 64-bit platform: JDK 1.7 Eclipse 4.2 Juno ...

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HTTP Camera live preview example

With this example we are going to demonstrate how to create Live Camera preview in Android. The Android SDK includes a Camera class that is used to set image capture settings, start/stop preview, snap pictures, and retrieve frames for encoding for video. It is a handy abstraction of the real hardware device What we are essentially going to do is setup a web ...

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