Selenium Installation Example

1. Introduction

In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can install the Selenium IDE, Selenium Server and Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium is the tool for automation testing web apps. Selenium consists from IDE, WebDrivers and Server.

The general scenery of testing in Selenium is to record the user activities by Selenium IDE and after that to run this tests cases automatically. It uses two different approaches to execute the tests. One of them uses the native browser API, another uses the injecting JavaScript codes to browsers. The main benefit about Selenium IDE is the ability to execute tests on varied browsers. You can find the list of supported Selenium browsers below:

  • Firefox
  • IE
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Google Chrome

Another great thing about Selenium is that you can export the tests cases to your favorite programming languages: Java, Ruby, Python, C# and so on.

2. Installation

The installation process is very simple. Firstly, You should go to official web site

Selenium main page
Selenium main page

There you can find the download tab, if you click on the tab you will move to download page, as show below. First, you will need Selenium IDE. You need to scroll the page and find the Selenium IDE paragraph. Selenium IDE is the Firefox plugins, so you need to click on this link and follow the next steps. The main important thing is that you can use only Firefox on this process. Selenium IDE addon is not supported by another browsers.

Download page
Download page

This link redirects you to Firefox addons page. The page offers you to add the Selenium IDE addons. Then you need to click this button.

Plugins page
Plugins page

After that, Firefox browser offers you to install this addon

Install Addons
Install Addons

and restart the browser.


Then you restart to browser, you can find the Selenium IDE button on the right-top corner.

Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE

Now you can record your first test.

Selenium has the special server, which offers to scale your tests. Let’s back to Selenium download page and find there the Selenium Server.

Selenium Server
Selenium Server

Selenium Server is the JAR file and it does not require the installing. So after you download this JAR, you can run it directly.

How we said before Selenium offers you to use varied browsers for execution the tests. For this reason, we should use the WebDriver. You should back to the download page again.


For example, if you use Java, you need to download the WebDriver for Java programming language and so on. This library has the necessary API for execution tests on varied browsers.

3. Conclusion

In this tutorial, we’ve shown how to install the Selenium tools. As you saw this process is kindly simple. If you want to improve your knowledge about Selenium, you can visit the official web site.

Petr Arsentev

Petr Arsentev has over 8 years of experience in java development. He participated in the development a few startup projects, which run successfully. He finished Moscow Power Engineering Institute (National Research University) at 2009. After he started to work in a local company as java developer and still keeps improving the knowledge about software developments. He focused on JVM languages like Java, Scala and related technologies and frameworks. He has developed the few courses about Java in Russian. He teaches students Java language too. This is his personal website
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