Use Bean in JSP Page

With this example we are going to demonstrate how to use a Bean in a JSP page. JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a server-side programming technology that enables the creation of dynamic, platform-independent method for building Web-based applications. JSP have access to the entire family of Java APIs, including the JDBC API to access enterprise databases. In short, to use a Bean in a JSP page you should:

  • Create a Java Bean. The Java Bean is a specially constructed Java class that provides a default, no-argument constructor, implements the Serializable interface and it has getter and setter methods for its properties.
  • Create a jsp page, using the <%code fragment%> scriptlet. It can contain any number of JAVA language statements, variable or method declarations, or expressions that are valid in the page scripting language.
  • Use the useBean action to declare the JavaBean for use in the JSP page. Once declared, the bean becomes a scripting variable that can be accessed by both scripting elements and other custom tags used in the JSP.
  • Use the getProperty action to access get methods and setProperty action to access set methods of the bean.

Let’s take a look at the code snippets of a sample Bean and a JSP page that uses it, below:

package com.javacodegeeks.snippets.enterprise;

import java.util.Date;

public class SampleBean {
	private String param1;
	private Date param2 = new Date();
	public String getParam1() {
		return param1;
	public void setParam1(String param1) {
		this.param1 = param1;
	public Date getParam2() {
		return param2;
	public void setParam2(Date param2) {
		this.param2 = param2;
	public String toString() {
		return "SampleBean [param1=" + param1 + ", param2=" + param2 + "]";



<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html;charset=UTF-8" %>
<%@ page import="com.javacodegeeks.snippets.enterprise.SampleBean"%>


	<title>Java Code Geeks Snippets - Use a Bean in JSP Page</title>


	<jsp:useBean id="sampleBean" class="com.javacodegeeks.snippets.enterprise.SampleBean" scope="session">
	    <%-- intialize bean properties --%>
	    <jsp:setProperty name="sampleBean" property="param1" value="value1" />
	Sample Bean: <%= sampleBean %>
	param1: <jsp:getProperty name="sampleBean" property="param1" />
	param2: <jsp:getProperty name="sampleBean" property="param2" />





Sample Bean: SampleBean [param1=value1, param2=Thu Nov 17 21:28:03 EET 2011]
param1: value1 param2: Thu Nov 17 21:28:03 EET 2011

This was an example of how to use a Bean in a JSP page.

Byron Kiourtzoglou

Byron is a master software engineer working in the IT and Telecom domains. He is an applications developer in a wide variety of applications/services. He is currently acting as the team leader and technical architect for a proprietary service creation and integration platform for both the IT and Telecom industries in addition to a in-house big data real-time analytics solution. He is always fascinated by SOA, middleware services and mobile development. Byron is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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