Capitalize words of a string

This is an example of how to capitalize the words of a String. We are using the org.apache.commons.lang3.text.WordUtils Class, that provides operations on Strings that contain words. The Class tries to handle null input gracefully. An exception will not be thrown for a null input. Trying to capitalize the words of a String implies that you should:

  • Use capitalize(String str) API method of WordUtils to capitalize all the whitespace separated words in a String.
  • Then use the capitalizeFully(String str) method of WordUtils. It converts all the whitespace separated words in a String into capitalized words, that is each word is made up of a titlecase character and then a series of lowercase characters.

Let’s take a look at the code snippet that follows:  

package com.javacodegeeks.snippets.core;

import org.apache.commons.lang3.text.WordUtils;
public class CapitilizeWords {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

    	// capitalize method capitalizes only the letters after space 

  String string = WordUtils.capitalize("JAVA Programming is COOL");

  System.out.println("Capitilize example 1 = " + string);

  // capitalizeFully method capitalizes the letters after space and the rest letters turn to lower case 

  string = WordUtils.capitalizeFully("JAVA Programming is COOL");

  System.out.println("Capitilize example 2 = " + string);


Capitilize example 1 = JAVA Programming Is COOL
Capitilize example 2 = Java Programming Is Cool

This was an example of how to capitalize the words of a String in Java.

Byron Kiourtzoglou

Byron is a master software engineer working in the IT and Telecom domains. He is an applications developer in a wide variety of applications/services. He is currently acting as the team leader and technical architect for a proprietary service creation and integration platform for both the IT and Telecom industries in addition to a in-house big data real-time analytics solution. He is always fascinated by SOA, middleware services and mobile development. Byron is co-founder and Executive Editor at Java Code Geeks.
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David Guiney
David Guiney
6 years ago

WordUtils is now deprecated in lang3. There was another method that took an array of chars which acted as delimiters

E.g. Str1 = “My new email address is

WordUtils.CapitalizeFully(Str1, new char[]{”, ‘_’, ‘@’, ‘.’});
Would give you:
“My New Email Address Is John_Doe@Mailserver.Com

What can I do in StringUtils (that is now being suggested for capitalize) to implement this?

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