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Spring Integration Chain Example

1. Introduction Spring Integration provides a way to group set of elements into one transaction and its referred as chaining. In this post we will look at MessageHandlerChain that is an implementation of MessageHandler and it can be configured as a single message endpoint while actually delegating to a chain of handlers like Filters,Transformers etc. Though the handler chain allows ...

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Spring Integration Control Bus Example

1. Introduction Control bus is a useful Spring Integration component that accepts messages on the input channel similar to Service Activator, Adapter  or Transformer but the key difference is that the payload of the message that is received indicates  an invocable action or operation on a bean. The input channel is more of an operation channel that is basically used for ...

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Spring Integration Adapter Example

Using messaging as communication medium to interact with different external systems is always a challenging task. There is always complexity around the connection mechanisms and transformation of the format across different systems. In this article, we are going to discuss about a useful component for Spring Integration-Adapters. 1. Introduction Adapter is the most important component for enterprise application integration. Adapter ...

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Spring Integration Aggregator Example

1. Introduction In the last article Spring Boot Integration With Active MQ we discussed on how straightforward and efficient it was to use Spring Integration framework to build messaging applications with JMS. In this article we will be discussing about a useful Spring Integration component called Aggregator. Enterprise applications with large datasets may need to process lot of information and sending ...

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Spring Boot Integration ActiveMQ Example

1. Introduction In this article we will be discussing the integration of Spring Boot with ActiveMQ. We will be using ActiveMQ as a message broker and create a sample application with JMS Queue and channel adapters integrated with Spring Boot to implement asynchronous messaging service. Before we get started I would like to go over some of the basic components as below. 1.1 ...

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