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Spring Data JPA Auditing Example

Welcome, in this tutorial, we will see how to implement a Spring data JPA auditing application. We will use the AuditorAware interface to capture the auditing information. Database auditing is a mechanism to keep track and logs of events happening on the records present in a database like who did what and when. 1. Introduction Before going further in this ...

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Spring Data GemFire Tutorial

Welcome to the Spring Data GemFire tutorial. GemFire is a product from Pivotal. Pivotal Gemfire is an in-memory data grid powered by Apache Geode. Here is a quote from the Pivotal GemFire documentation: Pivotal GemFire is a data management platform that provides real-time, consistent access to data-intensive applications throughout widely distributed cloud architectures. GemFire pools memory, CPU, network resources, and ...

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Spring Data JPARepository Example

1. Introduction Spring Data is a part of Spring Framework. It simplifies the data access process for both relational and non-relational databases. Java Persistence API (JPA) is Java’s standard API specification for object-relational mapping. Spring Data JPA is a part of Spring Data and it supports Hibernate 5, OpenJPA 2.4, and EclipseLink 2.6.1. You can also check this tutorial in the following video: JPA Relations in Spring Boot ...

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Spring Data Couchbase Example

In this example we shall demonstrate how we can connect Spring Data with Couchbase. 1. What is CouchBase? Couchbase is a highly scalable, Document based NoSQL Database. Document based NoSQL databases work on map-like concept of KEY-VALUE pairs. The key being uniquely identifiable property like a String, path etc and the value being the Document that is to be saved. ...

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