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JBoss Drools

Drools Workflow Example

Workflow says exactly what will happen at each stage in the process. As soon as the workflow reaches a step, we will fire the actions associated with it. Ruleflow does something similar but we don’t have any control on the actual rules that may fire as they are selected by the rule engine. A business process or workflow describes the ...

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Drools Salience Example

In this article we will look into an example of Drools Salience Example. So what is salience and why do we need it? Salience means to be most noticeable and important. We will use salience keyword against a rule to set the priority. Before we start with the example, let’s work on our setup. If you want to more know about Drools ...

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Drools Decision Table Example

In this article we will look into an example of Drools Decision Tables. So what are Decision Tables? We know rules are defined in a drl file but if you have lots of similar rules with different values you can make use of Drools Decision Tables. Rules that share the same conditions with different parameters can be captured in a ...

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