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Android Text-To-Speech Application

In this tutorial we shall show you how to use the TextToSpeech class to convert Text-to-Speech in Android. The idea is straightforward. We want to type text in an text area and then press button to transform it to speech. You can actually listen to it when you launch the built in application of Android.           ...

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Proximity Alerts Example

One of the most used features in smartphones is the GPS devices that are embedded in the phones. Additionally more and more Applications are developed and launched that take advantage of the geographical positioning functionality. You have probably already heard about Location Based Services. In this tutorial we are going to create an Application that notifies the user when he/she ...

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Reverse Geocoding with Yahoo API

A very popular group of services in smartphones are the Location Based Services. Geocoding is the process that finds the geographic coordinates ,in latitude and longitude, from other geographical data, like street addresses or postal codes. In this tutorial we are going to talk about reverse Geocoding. That is the process that uses the user’s coordinates and finds out street ...

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Location Based Services Application

With this example we are going to create a location based services application for Android. Location Based Services are quite popular on mobiles nowadays. To create a location based services application one should perform the following steps: Create an Android Activity (here called LbsGeocodingActivity) Get reference of the LocationManager system service Use the requestLocationUpdates method of LocationManager Implement the LocationListener ...

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