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Ima is a Senior Software Developer in enterprise application design and development. She is experienced in high traffic websites for e-commerce, media and financial services. She is interested in new technologies and innovation area along with technical writing. Her main focus is on web architecture, web technologies, java/j2ee, Open source and mobile development for android.

Grails tutorial for beginners

Grails is an open source framework based on Groovy and Java. It also supports MVC architecture to for developing web application. This tutorial will describe more details about Grails and represent a simple web application with Grails. 1.Groovy Groovy is a dynamic object-oriented programming language for the Java platform. It is compiled to Java Virtual Machine (JVM) byte code and integrates with all ...

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Struts tutorial for beginners

Apache Struts is an open source framework for developing Java Enterprise web applications. It uses Java Servlet API to implement the web applications based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern. As the latest version of Struts is currently Struts 2, we describe the Struts 2 framework here. 1. How Struts works Struts 2 MVC is realised by three core framework components: ...

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