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Alvin has an Information Technology Degree from Mapua Institute of Technology. During his studies, he was already heavily involved in a number of small to large projects where he primarily contributes by doing programming, analysis design. After graduating, he continued to do side projects on Mobile, Desktop and Web Applications.

Creating JAX-RS web service using Jersey Example

Introduction Jersey as it states in the website, is more than just a reference implementation. It also has it’s own API that extends the specification toolkit with additional wrapped features and utilities to simplify RESTful service and client development. It also exposes numerous extension SPIs so that developers may extend Jersey to best suit their needs. For this post, we’re ...

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Tomcat context.xml Configuration Example

In Tomcat, the Context Container represents a single web application running within a given instance of Tomcat. A web site is made up of one or more Contexts. For each explicitly configured web application, there should be one context element either in server.xml or in a separate context XML fragment file. Once a Context has been defined, Catalina will attempt ...

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Tomcat server.xml Configuration Example

Almost every application container will have some form of a server.xml file. It’s basically where every meta-data or configurations that the container needs for it to complete it’s initialization. This can be configured so that software designers and architects can inject services needed on runtime or upon destruction (stop). It is equally important to know this as to how every ...

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Generating Database Objects from Hibernate Entities

In the usual scenario, developers will tend to create database objects first before the entities. This is called bottom to top approach. You start with creating your bottom (database) and create all the way up to the top (java). It’s beneficial of course, since you usually plan the data flow before you even create the services so that you can ...

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Creating JAX-RS web service using RESTEasy Example

Introduction RESTEasy is a JBoss Project and an implementation of JAX-RS specification.  It’s simplified nature made a huge noise on the backend developers community and to this day, one of the widely used JAX-Rs implementation. How easy is it? Let’s find out. What are we doing? We are doing a step by step guide on how to create a RESTEasy ...

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Creating JAX-RS web service using Apache CXF Example

Ever since JAX-RS was introduced (JSR-311), it had a profound effect on the architecture and design of web services. It’s simplified scheme of creating an exposable service had really made an impact to how developers create web services as well as how it’s being used on the micro-service architecture. With this, a lot of service frameworks was introduced to create ...

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