Sprite Animation in Android

With this example we are going to demonstrate how to  create and display a Sprite animation in an Android Application.

A Sprite animation is a moving image animation that you will have seen in a gif image. For example imagine a human walking.
To create this kind of animation in Android is simple. In short, to create and use a Sprite Animation you should:

  • create an image with all the movement frames. For simplicity make sure that all the frames have the same size
  • determine the size of the frame.
  • create a bitmap that will contain all the frames
  • give a frame period in milliseconds which will represented the amount of time that each frame will be displayed
  • create an update function that will update the frame that is displayed according to the actual application time

as shown in the code snippets below:

package net.obviam.walking.model;


public class ElaineAnimated {

	private static final String TAG = ElaineAnimated.class.getSimpleName();

	private Bitmap bitmap;		// the animation sequence
	private Rect sourceRect;	// the rectangle to be drawn from the animation bitmap
	private int frameNr;		// number of frames in animation
	private int currentFrame;	// the current frame
	private long frameTicker;	// the time of the last frame update
	private int framePeriod;	// milliseconds between each frame (1000/fps)

	private int spriteWidth;	// the width of the sprite to calculate the cut out rectangle
	private int spriteHeight;	// the height of the sprite

	private int x;				// the X coordinate of the object (top left of the image)
	private int y;				// the Y coordinate of the object (top left of the image)

	public ElaineAnimated(Bitmap bitmap, int x, int y, int width, int height, int fps, int frameCount) {
		this.bitmap = bitmap;
		this.x = x;
		this.y = y;
		currentFrame = 0;
		frameNr = frameCount;
		spriteWidth = bitmap.getWidth() / frameCount;
		spriteHeight = bitmap.getHeight();
		sourceRect = new Rect(0, 0, spriteWidth, spriteHeight);
		framePeriod = 1000 / fps;
		frameTicker = 0l;

	public Bitmap getBitmap() {
		return bitmap;
	public void setBitmap(Bitmap bitmap) {
		this.bitmap = bitmap;
	public Rect getSourceRect() {
		return sourceRect;
	public void setSourceRect(Rect sourceRect) {
		this.sourceRect = sourceRect;
	public int getFrameNr() {
		return frameNr;
	public void setFrameNr(int frameNr) {
		this.frameNr = frameNr;
	public int getCurrentFrame() {
		return currentFrame;
	public void setCurrentFrame(int currentFrame) {
		this.currentFrame = currentFrame;
	public int getFramePeriod() {
		return framePeriod;
	public void setFramePeriod(int framePeriod) {
		this.framePeriod = framePeriod;
	public int getSpriteWidth() {
		return spriteWidth;
	public void setSpriteWidth(int spriteWidth) {
		this.spriteWidth = spriteWidth;
	public int getSpriteHeight() {
		return spriteHeight;
	public void setSpriteHeight(int spriteHeight) {
		this.spriteHeight = spriteHeight;
	public int getX() {
		return x;
	public void setX(int x) {
		this.x = x;
	public int getY() {
		return y;
	public void setY(int y) {
		this.y = y;

	// the update method for Elaine
	public void update(long gameTime) {
		if (gameTime > frameTicker + framePeriod) {
			frameTicker = gameTime;
			// increment the frame
			if (currentFrame >= frameNr) {
				currentFrame = 0;
		// define the rectangle to cut out sprite
		this.sourceRect.left = currentFrame * spriteWidth;
		this.sourceRect.right = this.sourceRect.left + spriteWidth;

	// the draw method which draws the corresponding frame
	public void draw(Canvas canvas) {
		// where to draw the sprite
		Rect destRect = new Rect(getX(), getY(), getX() + spriteWidth, getY() + spriteHeight);
		canvas.drawBitmap(bitmap, sourceRect, destRect, null);
		canvas.drawBitmap(bitmap, 20, 150, null);
		Paint paint = new Paint();
		paint.setARGB(50, 0, 255, 0);
		canvas.drawRect(20 + (currentFrame * destRect.width()), 150, 20 + (currentFrame * destRect.width()) + destRect.width(), 150 + destRect.height(),  paint);

This was an example of how to create Sprite Animations in Android.

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Reference: Sprite Animation with Android from our JCG partner Tamas Jano at the “Against The Grain” blog.

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