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Selenium JUnit Example

1. Introduction In this article, we are going to show how you can write automation tests by Selenium and JUnit. Selenium is tools for building automation tests. Selenium can be used only for testing web applications. When Selenium executes the test, it injects the JavaScript codes to browser or it uses the native browser API. It does not mean that ...

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Selenium Installation Example

1. Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can install the Selenium IDE, Selenium Server and Selenium WebDriver. Selenium is the tool for automation testing web apps. Selenium consists from IDE, WebDrivers and Server. The general scenery of testing in Selenium is to record the user activities by Selenium IDE and after that to run this ...

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Selenium IDE Tutorial

1.Introduction In this tutorial, we are going to show how you can test your web app by Selenium IDE. Selenium IDE is the Firefox plugin, which can record the user browser action and run it automatically further. We are going to install the Selenium IDE, explain most useful controlls and panels, record the simple use cases and run it automatically ...

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Selenium Automation Testing Tutorial

1. Introduction In this example, we shall show you how to write the automation tests by Selenium. Selenium is collections of tools to test the web applications. We are going to cover user’s cases for TrackStudio system. Automation tests has few benefits: It is easy for supporting. It is faster than manual tests. It has possibility to repeat tests. It ...

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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

1. Introduction In this example we shall show the most popular interviews questions about Selenium tools and give you exhaustive answers. Questions cover all topics: Selenium 1 Selenium 2 Selenium IDE Selenium Standalone Server In this article is shown theoretical questions and best practices, which is used by Selenium communities.     2. Interview Questions and Answers What is Selenium? ...

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Selenium Standalone Server Example

1. Introduction With this example we are going to demonstrate how to use and configure Selenium standalone servers (Selenium Grid). We are going to run the hub server and the two nodes. Each nodes will run the tests in different browsers. Selenium Grid are the servers which compounds in distributed nodes. It offers you to run your selenium test on ...

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